• The light can satisfy different light spot requirements through its special optical software design,
  • The unique spectral optical filter ensures the excellent color restoration.
  • The energy-saving LED element with lowest heat emission features and cool light characteristic ensures the low surgical field temperature rise.
  • The medical class LED is from German OSRAM Company.
  • With over 50,000 hours effective working life, vitalife PLUS can extremely save the hospital’s maintenance cost.
  • Vitalife Plus is easy for cleaning and save more space through its streamline and ultrathin apperance design.
  • The excellent lighting depth and shadowless effect makes the operations under different lighting depth more convenient.
  • The detachable handle made of special material can be sterilized in 135 C autoclave more than 3000 times.
  • With 360ยบ rotation and light arm, vitalife ensures the light to be moved easily and freely.
Technical Data Vitalife Plus 700 Vitalife Plus 400
Central Illuminance (Lux) 160,000 120,000
Color Rendering Indez (Ra) >95 >95
Focusable Light-field Size(mm) 150-300 100-200
Color Temperature (K) A:4500 B:3500 4000 4500 5000 (Optional) 4300
Effective Bulb Service Life (hour) >50,000 >50,000
Diameter Lamp Housing (mm) 700 400
Lighting Depth L1+L2(mm) >1000 >1400
Power (W) 80 80
MIS Encoscopy Lighting Available Unavailable
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